10th June Saturday Youth Music Day @ Shire Oak Primary School

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12.00 – 4.00pm – Many things happening, Rock School, DJ skills workshop, choirs, storytellers…

‘We like the informal atmosphere + variety of acts/activities.’ – Kirkstall Valley Primary

‘Great to have so many children playing and singing whilst they come from many of the schools in the area, sharing their skills with their peers.’ – Mike

‘Lovely + f un – involving children & young people. Good community feel. great to hear children + young people making music.’ -  Melvin

‘Always a good event with lots to do and listen too. Lots to offer children of all ages.’ – Anonymous

‘Loved the bouncy castle a bigger one would have been better.’ – Bethany

‘Wonderful to see all the community coming together. There’s so much going on the kids loved it.’ – Caroline

‘Really good event. Great atmosphere. Really good for the community.’ – Anonymous

‘Fantastic event.’ – Anonymous

‘Very well organised. Breast feeding area, much appreciated.’ – Poppy

‘Excellent.’ – Alice

‘Excellent. Really lovely, kids love it.’ – Anonymous

‘Excellent. It gets children of all ages and ability involved.’ – Anonymous

‘Lovely to see live music.’ – Anonymous

‘I think it’s lovely & really well balanced – one of my favourite events of the year!’ - Sarah







9th June Friday – Luna Calling with Nel Begley – Meanwood Institute 7.45pm





Lunar Calling back by popular demand at Meanwood Institute.

‘Good location & sound is good.’ – Ian

‘Nice harmonics & interesting reverberations. Great lyrics.’ – Raj

‘Varied instruments plus sounds, innovative very atmospheric/haunting/hypnotic.’ – Brigid

‘Beautiful lyrics, spiritual sounds and particularly enjoyed Luna Calling.’ – Anonymous

‘Excellent’ – Anonymous

‘Meditative music. Lovely.’ – Anonymous

‘Amazing, very talented personable gig. Enjoyed it. Thanks’ – Anonymous

‘Soothing music’ – Anonymous

‘Very relaxing soothing songs!’ – David

‘Mesmerising performance, very enjoyable. More of the same would be great in future.’ – Natasha

‘Good community event, nice atmosphere and moving music. I loved the harmony at the end.’ – Robert

‘Unusual instruments and a mixture of styles. Very well done. Really enjoyed it.’ – Anonymous





8th June Thursday: Music Quiz @ HEART Cafe 7.45pm

Three prizes were up for grabs at this opening Music Quiz for the Headingley Music Festival facilitated by Musician Emma Sutton.

Feedback –

Good atmosphere, nice evening – anonymous.

Good fun and Emma did a good job putting it together – Ollie.

Relaxed, fund and a bit different – anonymous.

Lovely Quiz, although our youth failed us! – Izzy.

A Jolly good tine – Anonymous.

Really well set with pleasant hostess/quiz master – Tom.

A very good evening – Pauline.

A great variation of questions and tunes! – Carol.

Splendid quiz action. – Anonymous.

Good Fun!.  clips could have been a bit shorter – Anonymous.

Interesting questions, and professional – Anonymous.

Lovely – Anonymous.

Good – Vincent.

Don Kipper feedback

‘Fantastic! A brilliant foot stomping band.’

‘Awesome. Come again.’

‘Briilliant. Loved it.’

‘This event was excellent. Please invite more such bands to Leeds.’

‘Fantastic musicians.’

‘Brilliant night – excellent musicians and great fun as well.’