‘Tarantisimo @ New Headingley Club 13th June’

‘Fantastic music, wonderful rhythm and beat for dancing.  Can they come again?  Mucho Gusto!’ – Hazel, Sarah, Ollie and Ann.

‘Thoughts of Cuba and Spain – felt I was on holiday.  Made my body move.’ – Anonymous.

‘(Needed) More room for dancing.’ – D. Scales

‘Good, small venue – shame floor rather sticky for salsa dancing.  Could polish up.  Great band!’ – Kathryn Douglas.

‘Great rhythms, singing and playing.’ – Anonymous.

‘Really enjoyed the music and dancing!  Bring them back!’ – M.K.D. Cobb.

‘Enjoyable music to dance to.  Dimmer lighting would have improved the ambience for me.’ – Colin Leppington.

‘Excellent.’ – Anonymous.

‘A fantastic night of wonderful music and we danced.  Marvellous’. – Janet Mann.

‘Great band and fantastic atmosphere.’ – Anonymous.

‘Great music, great atmosphere.’ – Lynn O. John.

‘Might have been better with more dance floor and dimmed lights.  (Could have done with a ) short 10 minute (salsa dancing) lesson at start, please.’ – Karen Smith and Doris Whitehead.

‘£7.00 rather a lot, though bar prices are cheap.  Great band – (in the) second half the music was much livelier – liked it much better’. – Jan.


‘Youth Music Day @ Shire Oak CE Primary School 13th June’

‘Atmosphere fabulous – we don’t even come to the school!  It was great to hear so many singers’. – Kate Murphy-Howes.

‘Story telling was particularly good.’ – Anonymous.

‘Great – glad the weather turned out well in the end.’ – Anonymous.

‘Great for kids’ confidence!’ – Ali Thomas.

‘Really vibrant, exciting atmosphere; lots of creative opportunities for kids of all ages.’ – Gail Barlow.

‘It’s great to see children given the opportunity to perform to an audience in a relaxed environment’. – Anonymous.

‘We had lots of fun; hope for more next time.’ – Adam.

‘Wang Dang Doodle @ New Headingley Club 12th June’

‘Did well, but fairly quiet room’ – David.

‘Lots of energy from the singer!  Very professional band.  All gelled together.’ – Catherine.

‘A great band.  Pity there was such a small audience.’ – Keith Greenwood.

‘Good band, nice choice of songs’. – Anonymous.

‘Good.’ – Sarah Barnes.

‘Good voice!  Feel music!  Nice atmosphere!’ – Anonymous.

‘Great band, lively and funky music.’ – Anonymous.


‘When Trolls try to eat your Goldfish’@Shire Oak CE Primary School 12th June

Sergio and Dominic

Sergio and Dominic

‘An impressive and energetic performance.  Dominic held the whole school captivated from Reception to Year 6 and staff!  Amazing!’ – Anonymous.

‘Very entertaining for both adults and children’. – Anonymous.

‘Very successful show.  The children were spellbound.’ – Jackie.

‘A dynamic performance from Dominic, complimented by Sergio on guitar.  Very engaging.’ – Carol.

‘A real treat for the children and adults alike’. David.


Irish & Scottish Crossover Music @ Café Lento 9th June

“Fantastic atmosphere! Lovely staff. Will definitely come again, if not next year for the exact same gig”.  Kate Hales.

“Lovely trio!, great songs, more please” – Mary.

“Great evening, brought back memories of a holiday in Ireland a long time ago” – Vincento.

“Such a great evening!, wonderful playing, great crowd” – Richard.

“Perfect venue for this intimate acoustic performance of tunes that sounded at the same time fresh yet familiar” – Helen.

“Loved it, nearly cried at some of the songs, but in a good way” – Hannah.

“It was a great night, well deserved praise to great traditional musicians keeping us entertained.  Keep the Irish culture alive”.- Shaun.

“Brilliant music, great friendly venue and people.  Really great night, good to have this in our local community”. – Claire.

“Great night!, we enjoyed ourselves a lot and will definitely come back” – Lukas.

Mike Conliffe Trio

‘Mike is so inventive with very witty arrangements and a good relationship between the members of the trio, great fun’. – Neil & Pat T.

‘An enjoyable and well presented evening’ – Anonymous

‘I thought that the Mike Conliffe Trio were very good, and they played a few familiar tunes including a couple of TV theme tunes from the 1980’s’ – Jonathan.

‘Lovely venue and atmosphere, Great musicians and music’ – Hazel.

‘Great Trio and singers – Nice choice of songs and TV themes’ – Anonymous.

‘Fabulous – more please!’ – Natalie

‘We loved the diversity and the intimate setting.  The band were mesmerizing’ – Rose & Sabina.

‘Really enjoyed the event.  Nice venue and good atmosphere’. Sam

‘Wonderful’ – anonymous.

‘Many thanks for providing an entertaining evening’ – Peter.

Don Kipper feedback

‘Fantastic! A brilliant foot stomping band.’

‘Awesome. Come again.’

‘Briilliant. Loved it.’

‘This event was excellent. Please invite more such bands to Leeds.’

‘Fantastic musicians.’

‘Brilliant night – excellent musicians and great fun as well.’

Feedback from Friday’s Tea Dance with The Retrolettes

The comments were excellent:-
‘They are very good, better than any other group I have heard before’. Joan.

‘Very good – wish to see you again’.  Lillian.

‘Very enjoyable do it again’.  Verna.

‘A pleasant afternoon, very nice refreshments’.

‘Very enjoyable’ P. H.

‘What a great idea!, especially to have an opportunity to dance in the afternoon!’ L & T.

‘Much better than I thought it would be.  Please keep up the good work’ H. Lamont.

‘The Tea-dance is always very good, we enjoyed it’. SD.