Youth Music Day, Saturday 11th of June

Storytelling with Martin Riley.

Storytelling with Martin Riley.

Martin Riley, Storyteller at The Youth Music Day at Shire Oak Primary School.

Martin Riley, Storyteller at The Youth Music Day at Shire Oak Primary School.

‘It’s our first one, a good community spirit, togetherness, good fun, enjoyable day for the family.’ – Marc D.

‘Really enjoyed the day, good community spirit.’ – Jen B.

‘Great day, fantastic djembe drums.’ – Liz

‘Fun afternoon for all the family, with great music and variety.’ – Anonymous

‘Fantastic day the story telling by Martin Riley was particularly imaginative and creative.’ – Carol D.

‘We come every year, and the children get really involved on the day. Some great music and singers.’ – Natalie B.

Lunar Calling + Sabrina Piggott, Friday 10th June

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‘Great audience, lovely venue. Perfect for an intimate gig.’ – Kyla – Lunar Calling

‘Beautiful music + lovely atmosphere’ – Bridget R.

‘Nice cosy atmosphere’ – Hazel

‘Good music, friendly atmosphere, venue complimented.’ – Andrew R.

‘Really special to have our Kyla playing locally in lovely Meanwood Institute, and to hear lovely Sabrina’s voice live again (I play her CD a lots).’ – Anonymous

‘Really gorgeous music. Good community feel, very welcoming. I liked the feeling of history too.’ – Robert M.

‘Absolutely phenomenal! Best gig & general loveliness! Amazing artists -Lunar Calling- I felt like world calling they were so good. Sabrina is one of the most talented artist you could ever to be blessed to see! – Claire M.

‘Lunar Calling was really good and touched into something special.’ – Ricardo I.

‘Magical.’ – Mary G. W.

‘Loved it.’ – Ken

‘Really great atmosphere, great music in fabulous venue.’ – Anonymous

‘Wonderful, warm and friendly inspiring music by Lunar Calling and Sabrina Piggott.’ – Cathy

‘I really liked Sabrina Piggott. She’s a bit like Sinead O’Connor. More my type of music then the first band, even they were good too. I love Irish singers. Homely venue.’ – Gloria

‘Very atmospheric and spiritual evening.’ – Anonymous

‘Great night 🙂 Excellent. Ethical song writers.’ – Anonymous



Peculiar Blue at Hyde Park Book Club, Wednesday 8.6.2016

‘Great music’ – Anonymous

‘I think that they are a very good band. Playing well-known and new songs that I liked.’ – J. J.

‘A pleasant, slightly “groovy” evening.’ – Natasha

‘Excellent duo & great little venue!’ – Carol

‘Maybe more advertising on social media or have warm up acts of similar genres to draw in more of a crowd.’ – Anonymous

‘Nice evening and venue!’ – S. N.

‘I would not have found out about this interesting venue (Hyde Park Book Club) without HMF info. Great singing Duo Too.’ – Paul

‘Excellent.’ – Jack S.

‘The artists were very pleasant to listen to’, Anonymous.

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Niss Stricker and France Ellul

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‘Love the music (+birdsong outside!) harp is very soothing, meditative, very quiet + “centred”. Very pleasant events.’ – Jenny

‘More of this please’. (Harp music, not guitar). – Anonymous

‘Haunting, evocative music. the jokes would have been more relevant to the Scandinavian character of the evening.’ – Anonymous.

‘Loved the stories. Reminded  me the old folk club days.’ – Ray + Chris

‘Good’. – Margaret L.

‘Beautiful music and lovely musicians’. – Elizabeth H.

‘Excellent, relaxed venue, volume could be better. Nice to hear harp and sitar.’- Anonymous

‘Very beautiful and moving. Unique experience.’ – Sarah L.

‘Always a joy to hear the small harp, especially  in combination with voice + sitar.’ – Pam

‘Very enjoyable and different! An unusual and unique musical experience. I hope Niss and France come again!’ – Brian E.

‘Very sensitive renditions  of traditional folk songs! With some novel interludes sitar and stories. Very enjoyable! – Claire





Louise Gibbs Quartet

The Louise Gibbs Quartet at HEART 3.6.16.

The Louise Gibbs Quartet at HEART 3.6.16.


‘Good individual musical talent from all 4 members demonstrated. Nice to have the background & ‘walk through’ the ages of Jazz’ – Mr & Mrs Eddison

‘Good’ – Anonymous

‘Brilliant, what talent & she lives in Headingley!’ – Lynne S.

Good instrumental venue – good acoustics, nice atmosphere.’ – Rebecca E.

‘Great musicians, well worth the ticket price, informal + informative’ – Pauline B.

‘Beautiful & melancholic, more variation of songs, but thanks for a good evening’ – Anonymous

‘Lovely venue + very much enjoyable band – great way to celebrate my sister special birthday.’ – Vicky

‘Great singer, fantastic music. Good atmosphere.’ – Beth G.

‘Loved the range and little bits of instrumental accompany it. Clarity & musicality really enjoyable.’ – Myrna M.

‘Louise was great. It was a great night out, and interesting to hear jazz though the ages’

‘Thank you for a lovely evening.’ – Anonymous



Headingley Music Festival ‘Quiz’

‘Very enjoyable, fun, questions impossible, but fun. I would come again!’ – Howard B.

‘Very fun’ – Michael

‘Fun night- question too hard’ – Richard H.

‘Good range of questions – old + new. Good range of prices.’ – Katherine P.

Would like to have been able to answer the questions correctly! But great fun – would come again’ – Cate A.

‘Music with the questions would have been good!’ – Jill



OWL’s Tea Dance

IMG_3058 IMG_3054 IMG_3042

‘Enjoyable afternoon + tea’ – J. Harvey

‘Excellent, good company good music + great food’ – Giulia Artuso

‘It was a good afternoon and it would have been even better if you had a little more easy sequence dancing. People would have joined in more.’- Anonymous

‘A very nice afternoon with The Annie Hawkins Trio’ – Carol

‘Enjoyable afternoon, great tea’ – Lizzie

‘A really enjoyable afternoon. Lovely volunteers, great Jazz band, scrummy food!’- Alice Whipp

‘Excellent, lovely tea, friendly folk’ – J. Horsman

‘Excellent’ – Verna Tait