17th June Saturday – Hassan Erraji – Moroccan Master Musician

“Hassan Erraji’s oud-plaing is electric” (The Observer) with his amazing band Oriental Craze, performing music from North Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

IMG_4234 IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4240 IMG_4241 IMG_4247 IMG_4248 IMG_4249 IMG_4251 IMG_4252


‘Good dance! Good fun good tributes to Jo Cox.’ – M. Crook

‘Brilliant vibrant musicians. Really lovely, energetic!’ – Marion

‘Great evening – wonderful way to celebrate Jo Cox’s life and the joy of music.’ – Maggi

‘This was incredible music!’ – Anonymous

 ‘Absolutely marvellous – wonderful music, great group a tribute to Jo Cox! – Mary K.

‘Lively, eastern music great for dancing and listening.’ – Anonymous

‘Lovely evening.’ – Helen

‘Excellent’ – Paul

‘Fantastic energy, joy and music.‘ – Anonymous

‘Absolutely fantastic performance by not just Hassan but the whole group. The spirit of Jo Cox was alive today in the meeting of hearts and feeling for a better life.’ – Savi

‘Good butt… bumped its loads of friends…’ – Hugh



16th June Friday – Kate Ryrie & Skinner & T’witch @ New Headingley Club

Kate Ryrie is a Leeds-based singer-songwriter, originally from Leicestershire. She recently recorded her debut EP, ‘Thinking Tree’, and plays regularly around Leeds, with an acoustic, folk-inspired sound based on strong words and good melodies.

Skinner and T’witch – folk, flamenco and theatre-style songs

Skinner and T’witch combine many influences: British folk, flamenco, musicals, classical and ‘world’ music, woven into their own original material.  They have performed all over the UK, from Edinburgh to Hastings, North Wales to Norfolk, including online and on the radio. This year (2017) they are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in New York and at the Great British Folk Festival.  Their new album ‘The Fool’s Journey’ was launched in April 2017.

Kate Ryrie

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Skinner and T’witch

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‘Really enjoyed both sets. Like stage presence & set.’ – Lindsey

‘Continue with the events, you organised very good.’  – Anonymous

‘Maybe Saturday would be a better night.’ – J. Lord

‘Very enjoyable event! – Anonymous

‘Didn’t rate the first act thought who was a bit amateurish but Skinner + T’witch were very good.’ – Ollie

‘Two very enjoyable melodic acoustic acts.‘ -Paul

‘Enjoyed the evening – first act a bit too long – second act varied and fun.’ – Mary K.

15th June Thursday ‘Ukulele Classes’ @ HEART

Ukulele Classes – Suitable for adults and children, this is a fun introduction to the ukulele where people learn how to tune and hold the ukulele, name its parts, make chord shapes and sing a selection of simple popular and traditional tunes. Ukuleles and song sheets provided, no musical experience needed, just a willingness to have fun!

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‘A venue good beginners class. I didn’t expect to be playing so many song so fast! Thanks to Jessica’ – Anonymous

‘It was fun’ – Anonymous

‘This event was so much fun and learning something new was fantastic. Jessica is wonderful at teaching the Ukulele.’ – Alice

‘It was a good taster I will probably find out where I can have more lessons.’ – Valerie

‘Very worthwhile for a beginners. Picked up some useful tips.’ – Arthur

‘Good fun, clear instructions.’ – Kelly

‘Great full!’ – Judy

‘Most entertaining and informative. Will try to get to more.’ – C. Coates


14th June 2017 ‘Nightbird Trio’ @ HEART

IMG_4209 IMG_4208 IMG_4207 IMG_4206 IMG_4204 IMG_4202 IMG_4201 IMG_4200 IMG_4199 IMG_4197 IMG_4196 IMG_4195

‘Superb music. A great evening! Brilliant young musicians.’  – M. Wood

‘I thought that the band were very good I usually don’t go to many jazz concerts, but HMF usually put something very good on.’ – Johnathan

‘Excellent.’ – Ana

‘What a great trio. Well timed & capable. Great sound good to listen to.’ – Roy

‘Excellent evening, very enjoyable! – Hannah H.

‘Refreshing & innovative.’ – Pauline M.

‘A talented & versatile band – good choice’. – Anonymous

‘Relaxed repertoire by talented musicians – great for a summer evening.’ – John

‘Seating too far from the band.’ – Anonymous

‘Good.‘ – Calvin

‘Excellent!’ – Peter

‘Excellent!’ – Liam



10th June Saturday Youth Music Day @ Shire Oak Primary School

IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4189 IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4193 IMG_4194

12.00 – 4.00pm – Many things happening, Rock School, DJ skills workshop, choirs, storytellers…

‘We like the informal atmosphere + variety of acts/activities.’ – Kirkstall Valley Primary

‘Great to have so many children playing and singing whilst they come from many of the schools in the area, sharing their skills with their peers.’ – Mike

‘Lovely + f un – involving children & young people. Good community feel. great to hear children + young people making music.’ –  Melvin

‘Always a good event with lots to do and listen too. Lots to offer children of all ages.’ – Anonymous

‘Loved the bouncy castle a bigger one would have been better.’ – Bethany

‘Wonderful to see all the community coming together. There’s so much going on the kids loved it.’ – Caroline

‘Really good event. Great atmosphere. Really good for the community.’ – Anonymous

‘Fantastic event.’ – Anonymous

‘Very well organised. Breast feeding area, much appreciated.’ – Poppy

‘Excellent.’ – Alice

‘Excellent. Really lovely, kids love it.’ – Anonymous

‘Excellent. It gets children of all ages and ability involved.’ – Anonymous

‘Lovely to see live music.’ – Anonymous

‘I think it’s lovely & really well balanced – one of my favourite events of the year!’ – Sarah







9th June Friday – Luna Calling with Nel Begley – Meanwood Institute 7.45pm





Lunar Calling back by popular demand at Meanwood Institute.

‘Good location & sound is good.’ – Ian

‘Nice harmonics & interesting reverberations. Great lyrics.’ – Raj

‘Varied instruments plus sounds, innovative very atmospheric/haunting/hypnotic.’ – Brigid

‘Beautiful lyrics, spiritual sounds and particularly enjoyed Luna Calling.’ – Anonymous

‘Excellent’ – Anonymous

‘Meditative music. Lovely.’ – Anonymous

‘Amazing, very talented personable gig. Enjoyed it. Thanks’ – Anonymous

‘Soothing music’ – Anonymous

‘Very relaxing soothing songs!’ – David

‘Mesmerising performance, very enjoyable. More of the same would be great in future.’ – Natasha

‘Good community event, nice atmosphere and moving music. I loved the harmony at the end.’ – Robert

‘Unusual instruments and a mixture of styles. Very well done. Really enjoyed it.’ – Anonymous





8th June Thursday: Music Quiz @ HEART Cafe 7.45pm

Three prizes were up for grabs at this opening Music Quiz for the Headingley Music Festival facilitated by Musician Emma Sutton.

Feedback –

Good atmosphere, nice evening – anonymous.

Good fun and Emma did a good job putting it together – Ollie.

Relaxed, fund and a bit different – anonymous.

Lovely Quiz, although our youth failed us! – Izzy.

A Jolly good tine – Anonymous.

Really well set with pleasant hostess/quiz master – Tom.

A very good evening – Pauline.

A great variation of questions and tunes! – Carol.

Splendid quiz action. – Anonymous.

Good Fun!.  clips could have been a bit shorter – Anonymous.

Interesting questions, and professional – Anonymous.

Lovely – Anonymous.

Good – Vincent.