Tuesday 13th June ‘Traditional Irish Music Evening’

Hosted by Irish Arts Foundation.


‘Would have been better in a bigger venue. Great atmosphere + skilled + original, professional musicians.’ – Fiona

‘Lovely atmosphere + divine music. Love Café Lento – just. Shame its small, lover so much.’ – Jill

‘Good atmosphere, lively.’ – R. Smith

‘ A lovely event – look forward to more like this.’ –  S. Fallen

‘Venue not big enough, in positive way. Good atmosphere. Nice venue. Diver audience. Good – but wish music is so much more!!’ – Ann

‘Homely, cozy, super friendly.’ – Bruno

‘Wonderful evening, brilliant craic.’ – David

‘Brilliant night.’ – Anonymous

‘Relaxed atmosphere. Richard is a great host!! Music very good – great evening. Thank you!’ – Moira

‘Excellent music.’  – Amanda

‘Good craic.’ – Lesley