Irish & Scottish Crossover Music @ Café Lento 9th June

“Fantastic atmosphere! Lovely staff. Will definitely come again, if not next year for the exact same gig”.  Kate Hales.

“Lovely trio!, great songs, more please” – Mary.

“Great evening, brought back memories of a holiday in Ireland a long time ago” – Vincento.

“Such a great evening!, wonderful playing, great crowd” – Richard.

“Perfect venue for this intimate acoustic performance of tunes that sounded at the same time fresh yet familiar” – Helen.

“Loved it, nearly cried at some of the songs, but in a good way” – Hannah.

“It was a great night, well deserved praise to great traditional musicians keeping us entertained.  Keep the Irish culture alive”.- Shaun.

“Brilliant music, great friendly venue and people.  Really great night, good to have this in our local community”. – Claire.

“Great night!, we enjoyed ourselves a lot and will definitely come back” – Lukas.