‘Tarantisimo @ New Headingley Club 13th June’

‘Fantastic music, wonderful rhythm and beat for dancing.  Can they come again?  Mucho Gusto!’ – Hazel, Sarah, Ollie and Ann.

‘Thoughts of Cuba and Spain – felt I was on holiday.  Made my body move.’ – Anonymous.

‘(Needed) More room for dancing.’ – D. Scales

‘Good, small venue – shame floor rather sticky for salsa dancing.  Could polish up.  Great band!’ – Kathryn Douglas.

‘Great rhythms, singing and playing.’ – Anonymous.

‘Really enjoyed the music and dancing!  Bring them back!’ – M.K.D. Cobb.

‘Enjoyable music to dance to.  Dimmer lighting would have improved the ambience for me.’ – Colin Leppington.

‘Excellent.’ – Anonymous.

‘A fantastic night of wonderful music and we danced.  Marvellous’. – Janet Mann.

‘Great band and fantastic atmosphere.’ – Anonymous.

‘Great music, great atmosphere.’ – Lynn O. John.

‘Might have been better with more dance floor and dimmed lights.  (Could have done with a ) short 10 minute (salsa dancing) lesson at start, please.’ – Karen Smith and Doris Whitehead.

‘£7.00 rather a lot, though bar prices are cheap.  Great band – (in the) second half the music was much livelier – liked it much better’. – Jan.