Louise Gibbs Quartet

The Louise Gibbs Quartet at HEART 3.6.16.

The Louise Gibbs Quartet at HEART 3.6.16.


‘Good individual musical talent from all 4 members demonstrated. Nice to have the background & ‘walk through’ the ages of Jazz’ – Mr & Mrs Eddison

‘Good’ – Anonymous

‘Brilliant, what talent & she lives in Headingley!’ – Lynne S.

Good instrumental venue – good acoustics, nice atmosphere.’ – Rebecca E.

‘Great musicians, well worth the ticket price, informal + informative’ – Pauline B.

‘Beautiful & melancholic, more variation of songs, but thanks for a good evening’ – Anonymous

‘Lovely venue + very much enjoyable band – great way to celebrate my sister special birthday.’ – Vicky

‘Great singer, fantastic music. Good atmosphere.’ – Beth G.

‘Loved the range and little bits of instrumental accompany it. Clarity & musicality really enjoyable.’ – Myrna M.

‘Louise was great. It was a great night out, and interesting to hear jazz though the ages’

‘Thank you for a lovely evening.’ – Anonymous