Niss Stricker and France Ellul

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‘Love the music (+birdsong outside!) harp is very soothing, meditative, very quiet + “centred”. Very pleasant events.’ – Jenny

‘More of this please’. (Harp music, not guitar). – Anonymous

‘Haunting, evocative music. the jokes would have been more relevant to the Scandinavian character of the evening.’ – Anonymous.

‘Loved the stories. Reminded  me the old folk club days.’ – Ray + Chris

‘Good’. – Margaret L.

‘Beautiful music and lovely musicians’. – Elizabeth H.

‘Excellent, relaxed venue, volume could be better. Nice to hear harp and sitar.’- Anonymous

‘Very beautiful and moving. Unique experience.’ – Sarah L.

‘Always a joy to hear the small harp, especially  in combination with voice + sitar.’ – Pam

‘Very enjoyable and different! An unusual and unique musical experience. I hope Niss and France come again!’ – Brian E.

‘Very sensitive renditions  of traditional folk songs! With some novel interludes sitar and stories. Very enjoyable! – Claire