9th June Friday – Luna Calling with Nel Begley – Meanwood Institute 7.45pm





Lunar Calling back by popular demand at Meanwood Institute.

‘Good location & sound is good.’ – Ian

‘Nice harmonics & interesting reverberations. Great lyrics.’ – Raj

‘Varied instruments plus sounds, innovative very atmospheric/haunting/hypnotic.’ – Brigid

‘Beautiful lyrics,¬†spiritual sounds and particularly enjoyed Luna Calling.’ – Anonymous

‘Excellent’ – Anonymous

‘Meditative music. Lovely.’ – Anonymous

‘Amazing, very talented personable gig. Enjoyed it. Thanks’ – Anonymous

‘Soothing music’ – Anonymous

‘Very relaxing soothing songs!’ – David

‘Mesmerising performance, very enjoyable. More of the same would be great in future.’ – Natasha

‘Good community event, nice atmosphere and moving music. I loved the harmony at the¬†end.’ – Robert

‘Unusual instruments and a mixture of styles. Very well done. Really enjoyed it.’ – Anonymous