16th June Friday – Kate Ryrie & Skinner & T’witch @ New Headingley Club

Kate Ryrie is a Leeds-based singer-songwriter, originally from Leicestershire. She recently recorded her debut EP, ‘Thinking Tree’, and plays regularly around Leeds, with an acoustic, folk-inspired sound based on strong words and good melodies.

Skinner and T’witch – folk, flamenco and theatre-style songs

Skinner and T’witch combine many influences: British folk, flamenco, musicals, classical and ‘world’ music, woven into their own original material.  They have performed all over the UK, from Edinburgh to Hastings, North Wales to Norfolk, including online and on the radio. This year (2017) they are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in New York and at the Great British Folk Festival.  Their new album ‘The Fool’s Journey’ was launched in April 2017.

Kate Ryrie

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Skinner and T’witch

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‘Really enjoyed both sets. Like stage presence & set.’ – Lindsey

‘Continue with the events, you organised very good.’  – Anonymous

‘Maybe Saturday would be a better night.’ – J. Lord

‘Very enjoyable event! – Anonymous

‘Didn’t rate the first act thought who was a bit amateurish but Skinner + T’witch were very good.’ – Ollie

‘Two very enjoyable melodic acoustic acts.‘ -Paul

‘Enjoyed the evening – first act a bit too long – second act varied and fun.’ – Mary K.