17th June Saturday – Hassan Erraji – Moroccan Master Musician

“Hassan Erraji’s oud-plaing is electric” (The Observer) with his amazing band Oriental Craze, performing music from North Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

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‘Good dance! Good fun good tributes to Jo Cox.’ – M. Crook

‘Brilliant vibrant musicians. Really lovely, energetic!’ – Marion

‘Great evening – wonderful way to celebrate Jo Cox’s life and the joy of music.’ – Maggi

‘This was incredible music!’ – Anonymous

 ‘Absolutely marvellous – wonderful music, great group a tribute to Jo Cox! – Mary K.

‘Lively, eastern music great for dancing and listening.’ – Anonymous

‘Lovely evening.’ – Helen

‘Excellent’ – Paul

‘Fantastic energy, joy and music.‘ – Anonymous

‘Absolutely fantastic performance by not just Hassan but the whole group. The spirit of Jo Cox was alive today in the meeting of hearts and feeling for a better life.’ – Savi

‘Good butt… bumped its loads of friends…’ – Hugh